"Sundays at the Windmill"
continued with another get-together
on December 6, 2009

Featured performers for the afternoon were:

Peter Solmes - Balladeer
Phlip Arima -
Multi-talented Poet
Bob Snider
- Singer/Songwriter

open mic guests included:
Valerie Argue, AnnTudor, Charlene Jones,
John Wylam, Michael Cavanaugh


Below are some pictures and videos of the afternoon.
(click on thumbnails for larger images)

Peter starts things off with a tune

Bob Snider arrives

Linda greets guests

Linda and Charlene Jones

Linda chats with Charlene

Sharing something funny

Gotaybah busy behind the bar

Phlip Arima and Linda

Linda, Mel & David share a laugh

Giving a listen

Peter and Linda survey the crowd

Linda introduces Valerie Argue

Valerie captivates the audience

Valerie reads from her mother's book

Bob gets ready to play

Peter gives Bob a sound check

Bob sings and plays for us

Bob entertains

Phlip amuses

Phlip entertains

Linda watches

Peter gives us another song

Michael Cavanaugh takes the stage

Michael strums & sings

Charlene waits her turn

Young and old in the audience

Ann Tudor greets the crowd

Ann reads for us

John Wylam's next up

A poem from John

John reads another

Linda introduces Charlene

Poetry from Charlene

More deep thoughts

Charlene reads another

Charlene & Linda close the show


Below is a sampling of music with which we were entertained
the playlist is as follows:

  1. Peter Solmes - Seeking Osama
  2. Bob Snider - Musical Protest
  3. Peter Solmes - Sun, Son
  1. Bob Snider - Dogs
  2. Bob Snider - What an Idiot He Is
  3. Peter Solmes - Snow on Christmas Morning