Student Art Work Based On "the fretters of i"

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The Teacher

Boyd Nyberg in his California Studio -
An inspired & inspiring instructor
Photo Credit - E. Lewis


The Students

student group 5

working hard in class

student group 6


The Results

Here are the imaginative, interpretive, images the students came up with:

J. Vera
"Being Here Watching"

"Beyond Borders"

A. Figueroa

B. Myricks
"May Naturally"

C. Singh

C. Singh
"Endgame" - second state

K. Jimenez
"Away With Words

"Ego Games"

G. Delolera
"To My Good Friends"

L. Heupel
"For Norm"

B. Nyberg



M. Medina


P. S. Jit


S. Semerdjian
"Time Out"


B. Nyberg
"Right View"


G. Grandos
"War Zone"


J. Gane
"Clouded Vision"


B. Sopkin
"Canopies, Anyone?"


K. Engle


K. Kelly
"Coming Apart at the Seems"


A. Schidada
"Beyond Borders"

B. Jaime
"For Norm"

B. Myricks
"April Resolution"

A. Stansbury
"All in Good Time"

On Saturday June 19, 2010 Linda read the above referenced poems while the images were projected behind her.

Needless to say, the audience was tremendously impressed!
       Thanks again Boyd!