"With A Will"

was launched with a warm reception
on Saturday December 10, 2011
at the Liquid viagra kamagra uk

Linda shared the afternoon with guest performers:

Drug store uk... Balladeer
Where can i buy valacyclovir online... on the bassoon
Viagra generika kaufen g√ľnstig & Michael Franklin... on several different instruments
Zithromax buy usa... reading from his new Cookbook "Doxycycline over the counter new zealand"

Several members of the audience also shared their poems and stories too.

Here are some pictures from the afternoon's festivities
Thanks go out to Louise and Jennifer for sharing their photos!

(click on thumbnails for larger images)

Khairul and Linda

Awaiting the crowd

Jennifer's all smiles

Khairul, Linda & Purtha

Rhonda, Linda, Sheri

Jenn grabs a table in front

Peter's the first guest up

Linda greets the crowd

Peter plays for us

Peter plays, Linda listens

Linda and Jeff

Khairul mans the bar

Abbey, Nadira and Khairul

Attentive audience

Linda and Jeff plan next poem

Jeff and Linda

More from Jeff and Linda

Rolland reads

Louise gets some pictures

Marilyn's turn now

Aaron's got a cool hat

Abbey behind the bar

Ann Elizabeth Carson

Michael Cavanaugh

More from Michael

Diz takes the stage

Diz reads a story

Diz Altschul

Peter takes a break

Melanie and Michael

Michael, Ann Marie & Linda

Anne Marie tunes up

Linda, Ann Marie & Michael

Listening to Linda

Linda and friends

Ann Marie & Michael

Listening to Michael C. sing

Listening to Linda

Nadira & Khairul

Diz & Ann Elizabeth


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