on Sunday February 5, 2012

Peter Solmes and Linda launched
the first in a series of afternoons of music and poetry

(which will now take place on the first SATURDAY of the month)
at the Portobello Restaurant and Bar


The lineup of performers looked like this:

Featured Musicians:
Aynsley Saxe & Bryan Pickell
Featured Poet:
Charlene Jones
Guest Musician:
Joel Merzetti
Guest Poet:
Ann Elizabeth Carlson
Guest Vocalist:
Darlene Collison
Guest Musician:
Jeff Burke


(and of course, Peter and Linda took their turns at the mike)

Here are some pictures and video from the afternoon's entertainment
(click on thumbnails for larger images)

Joel Merzetti & Bryan Pickell

Joel & Bryan

Peter Solmes & Bryan

Peter's Up First

Aynsley Saxe

Just a little adjustment

Bryan Pickell

Bryan's Turn

Bryan Sings an Original

Linda Announces The Next Act

Charlene Jones

Peter Adjusts the Mike

Charlene Reads

Another Side of Charlene

Joel Merzetti

Joel Channels Leonard

Shirley Orders Lunch

The Portobello's Packed

Enjoying The Soup

Khairul's Busy

Linda & Peter

Ann Elizabeth Carlson

Attentive Audience

Peter Plays Another

They Like What They Hear

Darlene Collison

Peter Sets up Darlene

Darlene & Peter

Linda takes the stage

Bryan & Aynsley

Charlene's Back


Diz Looks On

Shirley & Diz

Charlene Reads Another

Virginia & Table Mates

Linda & Michael Cavanaugh

Jeff Burke

All Smiles






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