on Saturday April 7, 2012

Peter Solmes and Linda hosted
another afternoon of words and music

at the Portobello Restaurant and Bar

The lineup of performers looked like this:

Featured Musician:
Jeff Burke
Featured Poet:
Phlip Arima
Guest Musician:
Fred Gardiner
Guest Poet:
Marilyn Robb
Guest Poets:
Uncritical Mass Redux

(The crowd was thrilled to have Charlene Jones and Linda reunited as Uncritcal Mass)

Many thanks to Shirley, Harold, Melanie & Michael for additional photos and videos

Here's a look at the afternoon's entertainment
(click on thumbnails for larger images)

Linda & Khairul

Fred Gardiner

Peter Tunes Up

Charlene Jones

Charlene & Harold

Harold Steals a Kiss

Diz's Here

Melanie & Michael

Jeff Burke

Phlip Arima

Paula & Marilyn

Fred, Diz, Shirley

Linda Introduces Fred

Fred Tunes Up


Linda Introduces Marilyn

Marilyn's Turn

Marilyn Reads

One More

Khairul Cooks


Jeff Digs in

Enjoying the Eats

Linda Welcomes Jeff


Jeff Entertains

Jeff's Theremin

Phlip Grabs a Seat

Phlip Arima

Phlip Reads

Peter Solmes

Another Good Turnout

Peter's Put to Work

Getting Set Up

Uncritical Mass Redux

Charlene & Linda

Having A Good Time

Reading From Bliss Pig

That Went Well

Charlene Does a Solo

Linda's Turn

Khairul & Purtha

Cracking Up

All Smiles

Fred & Daughter

Charlene Does Another Solo

"Dear God"


Let's Finish With This






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